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About Sarah- The Holiday Concert December 21, 2005

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It was good seeing so many of you at the "Holiday" concert. I know this may sound strange, especially since I really didn't know some of you before Sarah died, but seeing you is a real gift. Seeing you lets us "graduate" from the fall of her junior year, seeing you reassures us that reluctantly life does go on.

There were a few things that made last night easier. One was the fact that Anna was part of this concert. Although she was hard to see, we knew she was there. Listening to the orchestra is never easy, but they were quite good, so it was easy to see Sarah's love of this group. She would have been proud to have played with you. Listening though, I thought how she would have complained about all the Christmas music. In my mind, I could see her practicing and complaining all at once!

The other thing that made it easier was the fact that we were sitting next to Mandy. Sarah wasn't the only one who "should have" been up on that stage. It helped me detach from the current orchestra. I know it will seem strange next year, as some of my other favorite friends are missing from that stage, also. If you happen to come home from school, or whereever you end up, make sure to scout us out in the audience. You are an important part of our lives and we want to hear where life is taking you.