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About Sarah- Wallace and Gromit February 12, 2006

Posted by makingyourdashcount in Fun Stuff, Sarah Krause.
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I went out on a limb and bought Wallace and Gromit and the Were Rabbit. I know it is a G movie, but it got great reviews and any movie with a rabbit in it just seemed to call out, "add me to your collection!"

If Sarah were alive, I know that she would have wanted to buy it, so it duely belongs in our collection. ( We still have copy of the book Bunnicula somewhere, proving that Sarah's bunnies did not have to be cuddly and cute, just the ability to wiggle their noses and hop.

For those who have seen the movie and knew Sarah, tell me if you agree with this analysis. She would have adored three particular parts to the movie: the rabbits being sucked through their bunny holes, whirling around in Wallace's contraption and the bunnies howling at the moon. Can't you just imagine her now, walking the halls of Westerville North howling at the imaginary moon?

But the question then presents, would Sarah at nearly 18 hold the same enthusiasm about a G rated bunny movie as when she was 16? We will never know. In our hearts and memories, Sarah will always be 16.

She would have adored Wallace & Gromit and the Were Rabbit. Arrrrroooooooooooooooo.