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Just say no… to Ken Blackwell May 3, 2006

Posted by makingyourdashcount in Ken Blackwell, Ohio Politics.

Some may be surprised to read that I am a registered Republican. I have always been one, although party positioning on social issues over the past several years has really made me question that affiliation. I think I stay a Republican because I have an optimistic desire that the party will return to a centrist postition, away from the Fundamentalist leanings and money jars to whom they pander. They need non-fundamentalists in the party if that is ever going to happen; granted they don't get my vote too often these days, but perhaps they will figure out that most of America is centrist and not aligned on the fringes.

Given that, I was extremely disappointed in yesterday's Ohio Gubernatorial primary which literally split party loyalsits in half with Blackwell (aligned with the God Endowed Ohio restoration Project and Rod Parsley's Ohio Reformation Project ) winning with 56% of the vote against Jim Petro.

Petro "vote counted" trying to win this election changing historical positions to reflect the new family values of the Republican party, complete with ad with a "Holy Bible" and wedding ring asking what God expects of us. Phhhhleease! On the one hand, one might suggest that God wanted Ohio's Republicans to vote for Blackwell. However, I think God had less to do with it than Rod Parsley and Russell Johnson registering their religious followers to deliver Blackwell to the Statehouse with their agenda.

It isn't as though Blackwell hides this fact. His agenda is very clear. All you have to do is look how he singlehandedly has protected the "sanctity of marriage" in Ohio, although I think that toughening divorce laws goes further toward that title. Just look at the Secretary of State website at all the Character Building links. Given the corruption uncovered this year in Ohio State government, tell me THAT is not a bit ironic.

Well, just know that I am leading the "Just Say NO to Ken" Campaign. I look forward to seeing him try to outfaith Ted Strickland, an ordained minister. I just hope that Strickland gets the message through that to be a person of faith, you don't have to be one of these "new republicans."


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