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Missing Sarah- Two Years September 13, 2006

Posted by makingyourdashcount in death, Life Journey, Sarah Krause.
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We celebrated Sarah’s life tonight; I think she would have approved. John and I both knew what we wanted for dinner… Sarah’s specialty- Philly Cheese Steaks. She learned how to make them while working at Danny’s Subs; so I called Danny up for authentic ingredients. They were delicious, albeit not as good as the ones she so proudly made at the shop.

In Judaism, we light a special candle on the anniversary of a loved one’s death. You light it to remember. It is hard to not consider the brightness of Sarah’s soul through the glow of the Yarhzeit candle’s flame. Over that flame, we each brought memories to life…

her passion for science…
her name spelled out in periodic table elements
her love of rabbits
her love and skill at doing arts and crafts

Next to the candle we placed pictures of Sarah: beautiful pictures and silly ones.

We laughed and we cried. No one except another grieving parent knows how deeply the pain cuts and how uplifting the joy of a child’s life can be.

Sarah, it’s been two years. We will always love and miss you.

I think you would have approved.