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Summer Camp November 24, 2007

Posted by makingyourdashcount in Camp Tall Timbers, Camp Trebor, Camp Truda, Maine Summer Camp.

As I write this I am listening to an LP record circa 1969 of the girls of the now defunct Camp Trebor in East Stoneham, Maine. The singing and poetry take me back to a time when my biggest care was whether to choose red or blue for the enameled pin. When my daughter asked me whether or not it was a Jewish camp, like the camp to which she went (and hated,) I answered. Well, no. I think most of the campers were Jewish but it wasn’t a Jewish camp; the best way I can describe it close to 40 years later is that it was a camp that promoted Jewish values using the universality of Native American crafts and legends, the herald of Maine summer camps in 1969.

I made some of my closest childhood friends in the four years I went to Trebor. I remember a few names, although we have had no contact since camp. Liz M. from Metuchen, NJ and Sue B. from Greenwich, CT (whom I think moved to St. Louis later in her life) were two of my closest camp friends.

The girls of Camp Trebor were proud the summer of 1969. That was the summer that Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Life magazine featured a picture of a younger Buzz Aldrin at his summer camp in Maine, the same site where we now lived. To this day I remember that picture of Aldrin “on the rock” overlooking the lake.

In addition to Trebor, I went to Camp Truda in Oxford, Me. Although I have some significant memories at Truda, specifically being the youngest camper my first summer (5) and being “Old King Cole” for my team’s color wars and being the best “floater” in the the water competition, I was older at Trebor and remember more day to day things. My parents owned the boys camp down the road, Tall Timbers in Casco. I think I ended up at Truda at 5 because I was too “old” to wander the all boys camp.

Anyway, lots of memories from ages 5-10 rolled through me as that LP spun, crackles and all. If by chance you went to Trebor or Truda, let me know. It could be fun reviving some of those old camp relationships.

NOTE TO FORMER TRUDA and TREBOR CAMPERS: I am so glad you found this blog. If you are interested in rekindling relationships with other campers, there is a group on Facebook: It is called the “I Went to Camp Truda (Trebor) ” group. (yes, adults CAN use Facebook, no matter what your children say!) There is also a Camp Truda reunion blog at: camptrudareunion.blogspot.com that will also point you to facebook. Tell them Betsey from wordpress sent you!

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1. Cathy - January 27, 2008

I’m a Trebor girl! Went there for 7 years. I’m Cathy Arden. Who are you? I think my last summer was 1968. I not only have the LP, but my father is the person who did that LP for Trebor. How long were you there? Who were your cabin mates? Who were your counselors? I was also a trainee there for 2 summers.

2. makingyourdashcount - January 29, 2008

This is so neat! Cathy, let me know if you didn;t get my email. I would have been 10 years old in ’68; I am probably one of the ones you tried to AVOID.

3. Lyn - February 13, 2008

I was a Truda girl–went for several years until the owner died, and then moved on to Rapputak. My brother went to Tall Timbers and then on to Cedar. I was at Truda when I was around 8, so that would have been around 1967.

4. makingyourdashcount - February 13, 2008

I DO love the internet! Lyn, I am thinking we could have been bunkmates at Truda or missed by one year. I was born in ’58, and went to Truda for three years, from 5-7 or 8. Tall Timbers closed when my dad sold the camp. I have a lot of childhood memories there: drinking from the well, avoiding the boys and hanging out on the beach. Oh what a life.

5. Lyn - February 16, 2008

I was born in ’59 and we could well have been in your cabin. I was jealous that my older brother went to camp, so I started earlier than most–I had just turned 8. I remember being in the youngest cabin (and the trunk room) and earning colored felt rays for my Truda “sun”. I remember the camp owner telling stories by the fireplace, but not much else. I went back to Truda one more year after the owner died, but was not very happy with the changes. My parents switched me to Camp Rapputak (Fryeburg, ME) the following year.

6. Liz Topaz - February 29, 2008

Hey, I’m a Trebor girl and my best friend was Sue Buchsbaum!! I can’t tell you how devastated I was when Trebor closed. I wen there from 1966 until it closed

7. Jennifer Garson Beck - March 8, 2008

I am a truda girl, and would love to get in touch with other truda girls. I am especially interested in talking to lyn who said she was a camper there when the owner, “uncle” ed dibner died (while attending a reunion in florida) that was in 77 or 78. I was part of the cleveland contingent. camp ran for one more summer after uncle ed died. I am confused about tall timbers, as i thought that was also run by dibner family. I use to take creative writing “classes” from eds brother Martin dibner, who lived down the road, on what i thought was former tall timbers property. I would love to be in touch with any and all truda girls…my plan is to start some sort of web forum but dont know how yet…Lyn, please feel free to give my email to other truda girls.

8. makingyourdashcount - March 8, 2008

Jennifer, I passed your email onto Lyn. MArtin lived across the street from the camp, although when it was in session he may have lived on site. We were very close to the dibners In fact, I am thinking that perhaps dad bought the camp from ed. It wouldn’t surprise me if ed didn’t like the camp management part.. running it in the summer and recruiting in the winter. Seems to me that he was in charge of the counselors… hmmm. During camp season he would have lived down by the Thurstons. (Do you remember all the Thurston girls at Truda?)

9. a kitchen boy around 1970-73 - March 14, 2008

Ed Dibner owned tall timbers after his brother Paul died he sold his camp and worked with his sister-in-law Ester and nephew Charles, and niece Willa. he lived on the grounds near the road next to the camp office. he worked at cleveland heights high school. Martin Dibner was on a school board in Me. and wrote books one called Seacoast Maine. Ed had a son chip and a daughter Lura

10. Jennifer Garson Beck - March 15, 2008

my sister and i have remained in touch with charlie, who married head counselor Eddy Ann, though i cannot pinpoint what year.
Wondering if any of you were campers or workers in the summer of 74 when a tornado came through on July 4th. I remember sitting in my bunk, Pines in the youngest section of camp and we had to stay in the mddle of the bunk, I was oblivious at the time, but the counselors, Dixie Blakely, Fern Holzman and Ann or Amy who was a huge mic jagger fan, i am sure were acutely aware that the many tall pines that lined the road from the office to the big rec building were tumbled like toothpicks. The next several weeks were kind of surreal. The counselors had to lug lake water in trash cans to make the toilets work and there was no power for quite some time. Its amazing that noone was hurt, though i remember some kitchen staff were in a car that a tree fell on, wiht an infant i think, but they were fine.

11. makingyourdashcount - March 15, 2008

I thought the seacoast maine book was beautiful. He also wrote several novels, one of which was made into a movie. Thanks for the for the info.
I love my very young memories of hanging out at tall Timbers… now thinking about how good the well water was in those little paper conical cups.

12. kitchen boy - March 17, 2008

what was camps physical address and what is there now??

13. makingyourdashcount - March 17, 2008

A former camper bought it and subdivided it for homes. Not sure what the address was, but Tall Timber’s entrance was off Mayberry Hill Road, Casco. If you do a mapquest on casco, you can find it.

14. Jennifer Garson Beck - March 17, 2008

who was the camper who bought it? When ed died and rita decided to sell after the next summer, there was a large effort to put together a group of parents to purchase it, but, or at least this is what i was told, rita was asking too much and wouldnt budge.
I am wondering why your posts are dated march 17th when its only 1115 pm on the 16th here in sc.

15. makingyourdashcount - March 17, 2008

ok.. fixed the time, even though it doesn’t seem that way. New posts should be correct. :o)

I am finding this thread very confusing… because I really think that the Truda and Tall Timber’s land are being confused through it.

I am going to call the camper who bought and subdivided Tall Timbers and see what history I can get bcause what I have from my family (who owned TT from about 61-68 or so) is different from what I’m getting here. What I suspect is that each of us has a different part of the whole. I believe that Truda was also subdivided.

16. makingyourdashcount - March 17, 2008

I just spoke with Eric’s wife who is going to get her husband & brother in law (Martin’s sons) working on a chronology. She said that every summer they get a few people asking about the camps. I am excited beyond words to have connected with them.

17. Jennifer Garson Beck - March 19, 2008

i am wondering if truda was sold twice, once as a camp and once after ed died? but i really thought the dibners owned it for a long time

18. kitchen boy - March 19, 2008

i don’t think ed owned it. i think Paul’s family Ester, Charlie, and Willa

19. Bobbie - March 23, 2008

I too am a Trebor camper (Bobbie Hendin) and have many wonderful memories of my years on Lovewell Pond. I went to Trebor from 1954 to 1965. I started in the youngest cabin and was a canoeing counselor when the camp moved to E. Stoneham. This past summer I was up in Maine —climbed Jockey Cap, put my feet in Lovewell Pond and drove through the old camp. I would love to listen to the old LP, but I do have an old song book. Cathy I think I remember you. I hope to hear from other Trebor campers.

20. Debbie Simon Zingler - April 8, 2008

Hi – i am a Truda alum – found your notes. (Debbie Simon) I was in Mowana – when the Tornado hit on the 4th of July. The camp closed after our “club” year and then had no where to go 😦 Wendy S. and I recently tracked Charlie & Eddy Ann down and have been emailing with them. Sue MacDonald started a group on facebook. “I went to Camp Truda”.

21. makingyourdashcount - April 8, 2008

Thanks for letting me know about the facebook group. I joined 🙂

22. Ellen S. Gordon - April 27, 2008

I am also an old Trebor camper — from 1953 to 1963. I remember Bobbie. Whatever happened to Peggy Dietz?

23. Diane Neas - May 1, 2008

My mother, sister and I are all Trebor Alumni. My sister has the album and listing to it brings back fond memories for me too. My sister and I were at both the old lovewell pond and new camps. I would love to reconnect with my bunk mates. We were there from 1959 to 1969

24. Marc Axel - May 1, 2008

My name is Marc Axel. I’m Jewish, and a life long resident of Richmond, VA. I attended Tall Timbers for three years, the summers of 1956, ’57, & ’58. I was unique among the campers as I was a Southerner, and the only kid from south of New York. I have often wondered what ever happened to some of my fellow campers. Uncle Marty lived across from the camp. I believe that Uncle Paul and Ed lived in White Plains and Shaker Heights, but can’t remember who lived where. One of the movies we watched at camp was “The Deep Six” staring Alan Ladd, adapted from the book of the same name, and written by Martin Dibner. We had a dance or two each summer with the girls from Truda. Most of our counselors were from Ivy League schools. they would sneak out at night and meet up with Truda’s counselors. I wish there was a TT alum site.

25. Clive Morrison - May 3, 2008

Clive Morrison – Tall Timbers Camper 1948.

Later Waiter/Trainee in 1950. I remember the owners Martin, Ed & Paul very well. My mom remarried Greg Fried in 1965. He was a cousin of the three brothers. In 1950 Martin’s cabin was next to the waiter’s cabin and I remember hearing him type away, which as it turnsout, was his book, The DEEP six.
Those were wonderful and very formative years in my life. Many years ago I revisited the site. The camp had long since closed. I went across the street to the house I remembered that Martin had owned and knocked on the door. I was astonished that martin remembered my name and the goings on in the years I was there.
Martin told me that some of the older campers had bought some of the old cabins and one had built a house there as well.
I would be extremely interested in hearing from any Tall Timber or Truda alums

26. Maxine Ollove - May 7, 2008

Wow, I can’t believe I have found Camp Truda people! I was a camper from summers of 1962 thru 1968, and have nothing but happy memories. I still treasure my sun banner, and becoming a sun girl was a big achievement in my life as a child. I have such fond memories of the Dibner family, especially Paul, Esther, Willa and Charlie. I think that Willa lives in Bangor, Maine (or did for a long time), and I think Charlie is in Portland. Any more Truda girls out there?

27. makingyourdashcount - May 8, 2008

I have to tell you how exciting this has been for me to find all of you! Never did I think that one little blog post would bring so many people together.

Maxine, I was there at the same time as you, but was one of the pesky younger campers at the time.

One of my most vivid memories was walking blindfolded through cooked spaghetti at a “haunted cabin.” You older campers were “awesome.” 🙂

28. Bobbie - May 8, 2008

These postings are very exciting for me too and I enjoy reading about others memories of past summers…of course I am most excited when a note is posted from a former Trebor camper. Ellen, I couldn’t believe you remembered me. This resulted in my rummaging through my memory box which included looking at the annual camp picture and old Pinecones (the camp newspaper). Ellen, I found you in the pictures plus a poem you wrote with some bunkmates about climbing Mt. Adams in 1961. I also read several writings by the Arden sisters. I have no idea where Peggy Dietz is but am curious to find Laurie Holtzman. Hope other former Trebor campers and counselors continue to write.

29. Ellen S. Gordon - May 23, 2008

Bobbie, Ellen again. I remember Laurie Holtzman but have no idea
where she might be. Do you know anything about Laura Miller – and what may have happened to the Levines? Love to hear from you again.

30. Kim Klausner - May 25, 2008

CAMP TREBOR! Summers at this camp were without a doubt the most influential part of my growing up. I started there the summer after 5th grade in cabin 10 in 1963; my last summer was 1968. Ruthie Holtzman was in my cabin and Duffy Dietz was with us earlier. I’m still in touch with Karen Freedman and Sara Nathan who live in NYC. I’m in SF now. I was in touch with Holly Bishop who lives in Boston. I’d love to know how to find Lee Wilson. Cathy Arden: did you have really long reddish hair? Does anyone know where Mimi Katz is? I’d love to hear from anyone who was at Trebor between ’63 and ’68.

31. Kim Klausner - May 25, 2008

BTW, I did visit Trout lake a few years ago. It looked more or less the same as it had, a bit more run down. It was hard for me to feel the spirit. The land was sold to a camp for disabled kids, I think.

32. Karen Wolozin Starr - May 25, 2008

Hi! I don’t have time to write much now, but wanted to jump into the conversation. I’m Karen Wolozin (sister of Nancy) who was at Trebor the summers of 1962-66 (if my memory is correct). Coincidentally, I ended up at Tufts with Candy Kagan and Sue Osher who were in my bunk. Sue is on the West Coast now, but Candy still lives in Maine and we have been friends…well, since Trebor. We have been talking about a reunion for several years, and I recently spoke to Joan Sapinsley and had some e-mails from Debby Lebow. Candy and I visited Trebor, now a camp for underprivileged kids…it was a glorious fall day and we walked around the lake and found our old campsite and then hiked up Allen Mountain and just sat there and let the memories come. It’s as spectacular as ever. We would love to find Laurie Dietz….Candy has lots more information about various camp people. Frank is still alive (Robert died several years ago) and still lives in Maine. I will pass this all along to her.

33. makingyourdashcount - May 25, 2008

Of all the crazy Trebor things.. one of my most vivid memories is that of picking watercress (or what we THOUGHT was watercress) and identifying ferns. There WERE a lot of ferns.

34. Diane - May 30, 2008

Diane-Holy Cow! At last, Camp Truda memories! Maxine, I remember you.. and I have a bunk photos with you in them. Susan R. sent them to me.I was there starting age 7 in 1960, went all the way through to Club, 1968.( We put on an Egyptian themed Ti-Cub. ) I had appendicitis and ended up having surgery in Maine Medical Center the 2nd day of camp in 1964, and I remainded at camp anyway after discharge. I think Kawani was the first bunk. Still have my Sun banner too. Can’t describe my feelings for Truda other than it has a permanent place in my heart .
I loved Paul and Esther. The very best thing was to be invited to their lodge for nighttime stories and marshmellow roasts. They had a small dog named Bijoux. Truda was sanity. So lucky to have been there

35. Diane Neas - May 31, 2008

I am very sure that my sister Audrey is still in touch with the Oshers, Sara Lee, Pam Horowitz and a few others from her bunk… Anyone know what happened to the Barkin girls?

36. Kim Klausner - June 1, 2008

Karen Wolozin Starr: I’d be interested in talking about a Trebor reunion. You can contact me at kimklausner@comcast.net.

37. Bobbie - June 6, 2008

I first want to thank the person who started this dash account…it has been great fun!! I am from the Baltimore contingent that went to Trebor and have contact or know the where abouts of a few former campers and trainees. I too heard that Corky/Robert had passed away and found his obit in the Portland paper. If I remember correctly from the article, Andy (his wife or significant other ) who I was my co-counselor was living in CA. Someone else probaby has more accurate information than I do. At that time I heard that Frank was very ill. I think he and Mary were living in Portland. I also think that there had been a camp reunion for people who were in the older cabins when I began camp. I too have often thought how wonderful it would be to have a camp reunion and would be glad to participate in organizing the event
or helping to find other campers.

38. Joy Arsham Anzalone - June 9, 2008

I have for many years attempted every so often to do a google search of people that were friends of mine while attending Camp Truda! Those were amazing years! Just got a voice mail (today) from a fellow Clevelander who told me about the site and that a reunion was being put together! That is fabulous! I do not recall my exact years at Truda but I think I was in my Club year in 1972 and was captain of the Cubs! I think 1969 was my first year! After the camp closed–I actually got permission from the Dibners to go back with some friends when we were vacationing in Maine, to show my boyfriend at the time (now my husband) the camp that had provided so many excellent memories. My sister went to Camp Truda after I did as well. I see there is a New York reunion in July–and though that date may not be great for me–I would love to hear more about it!! Great job to whomever started some form of communications with Truda alumnai! Thanks and look forward to hearing more!

39. Diane - June 9, 2008

Can someone please advise when the Truda reunion is in July and the location, etc…I’m not into the Facebook think yet. Thanks

40. Karen Wolozin Starr - June 12, 2008

Bobbi–If my memory serves me–you and Anne were my counselors…during the summer that Anne was having a lot of meetings in the office! As I mentioned previously, Candy and I have remained great friends. I recently talked with Joan Sapinsley who lives in NYC. I have to dig out my old photo albums…but some of our bunk mates were Laurie Dietz and Liz King. Kim…will try to get Candy to work on a reunion…her daughter is working at the camp that is there now.

41. Donna glick - June 15, 2008

Wow, what old and wonderful memories. Does any one remember the Glick girls. There were 4 of us. Lisa, Donna Laura and Michelle. Lisa sang and we were all know for our swimming. We were there in the late 60’s to 70’s I heard there was a Truda site out there. Those were great times. I would love to find out more about what is going on with everyone.

42. Michael Fruchtman - June 18, 2008

I went to Tall Timbers as a child and wondered if there is anywhere I can find a list of past campers. Great memories! I live in Toledo and am friends with one of the waiters, Bruce Kerns. His brother and I were campers together at the same time. Please let me know how to find other campers…michael@fruchtman.com

43. Susan Miller - June 25, 2008

I am so glad to have found all of you!!! Does anyone have a copy of the songs/and or poetry from Camp Trebor? I can remember a liitle bit of the poem :A moments Pause written by Frank…I would love a CD of the music, I still sing “memories of warmth and wonder…..”my daughter is going to Fernwood this summer, and my husband I will stay on Kezar Lake.

44. Susan Miller - June 25, 2008

please see # 43.

45. carol - July 11, 2008

hi-i went to truda from 1950-1966-taught golf as counslor when the dibners took over from ma thoner-i started at truda at age 6 and because i was so young was in lovenest 2 times-is anyone out there from the years ma owned truda?

46. makingyourdashcount - July 11, 2008

I’m betting you were my golf instructor 🙂

47. Sue Gold Groner - July 12, 2008

How fun to read this! I went to Trebor in 1968 and 1969 when i was 9 and 10. I was Susie Gold then. My sister Ellen was there too – 2 yrs ahead. I started out in the youngest cabin. i think Michelle Minski and Liz Lanuk were in my cabin that year. i remember some of the names of the “older” girls – sue osher, debbie lebow, candy kagan. i also remember mimi katz. Please someone – find Lee Wilson. She was the most wonderful music counselor and instilled in me such a joy for music that i still have. That’s too bad that you couldnt go on the sailing trip! I remember my first year not wanting to play softball and insisting that it was ok for me to sit out. I told the counselors that it said in the Pinecone that campers were never forced to do anything. well, they made me sit on the office steps and wait for Frank!! I remember the carnival one year- it was so much fun. does anyone remember the lemons with the mint sticks in them? i also remember picking blueberries and learning alot about nature. I only went for two years but i enjoyed them. I don’t think i ever had the record but i do remember the songs. It was funny when i realized that “memories of warmth and wonder…” was to beethoven’s 9th! also remember learing “turn, turn, turn” there! My kids are at Camp Chateaugay in Merrill, NY. It is such a fantastic place – down to earth, relaxed, co-ed and such a warm, fun place.
I live in Bedford, NY now.
look forward to hearing more memories, etc!

48. Nancy Wiener - July 28, 2008

Hello Camp Truda alumni!!! While waiting to eat @ Naples Lobster Pound this weekend I met Debbie Simon Zingler and was told about a possible reunion which led me to this blog! Truda holds a warm spot in my heart – the songs, the smell of pine.. My mother, Virginia Sternheimer ( 1939-1946) and sister, Barbara (1962-1968) were campers and Tiger captains and I (Nancy) attended 1967 and 1969. I visited the property last year – not much left other than Rec Hall and a house that I think was the mess hall. So exciting to read all the memories.

49. Debbie Simon Zingler - July 28, 2008

Hi Nancy – Betsy told me you posted here – how funny – I sent you a link for the TRUDA group on facebook..Check it out. Terrific meeting you Saturday night – too funny.

50. BJ Miller Kantola - July 30, 2008

Hi Camp Truda Alums – I went to Truda with my family in the 70’s until it closed. My dad, Jim Miller was the tennis coach. My Mom Barbara Miller arrnaged dances with the boys camps. I have great memories and still dream about walking the main road from the rec hall to the dining hall. I was thinking about Truda lately and thought I’d check out the internet to see if there was any news. It is great to find you all on the net!

51. Liz Mazlish - August 5, 2008

Camp Trebor! Hello old friend, Betsy Levy! What a surprise to see my name in your posting. This is Liz Mazlish who attended Trebor from 10-13 years old (1968, ’69, ’70, ’71). The experiences during those 8 week summers were powerful: swimming, canoeing, boating, sailing on Trout Lake; camping out, singing after Friday dinner, Sunday outdoor assembly, skit night, counsel fire (wearing feathers), carnival, arts day, sandwiches on “the rock”, canteen, writing poetry on “the well”, counselor choir, climbing Allen Mountain, AMC huts, archery, dance on the outdoor stage…
Liz Topaz, you were with me in cabin 9, and Sue Buchsbaum, in cabin 2. I remember Suzie Gold and can’t believe that I recall that she did share Cabin 11 with Michele Minsky.
I live in Boston and around 13 years ago Carrie Shear had a reunion. Judy Osher, Sara Lee Gens and LEE WILSON were there, among others. Just googled Mimi Katz and learned that works as a photographer in Boston!
Ten years ago I visited Trebor (Camp Susan Curtis) and paddled a canoe on the lake. I felt so melancholic (and strange after 30 years). It has now been 40 years since first walking into cabin 10 and I still remember most of the songs and have most of the Pinecones.
Thanks for sharing memories of warmth and wonder. Kim Klausner, hope you do organize a reunion.

52. Judy McConn Fischlin - August 10, 2008

Hello Truda alumni,
Judy McConn Fischlin here – I was a counselor at Truda 1964 – 1971. Great memories; and it’s great to reconnect with those who spent time at Camp. I observed many girls become young ladies throughout the years at camp and often wondered what roads they ventured down in the years following. Memories of the 3-day mountain trio, the various day trips, the 3- day canoe trip, and of course – Club’s trip to Quebec.
Names from my Truda era – the Farb sisters (Betsey & Sue), the Fruchtman girls from Toledo, Susan Rainess, & of course I will have to go through my photos to refresh my aging memory of the many others. I have connected with some on facebook.
i live in the greater Cleveland area and teach elementary physical education.

53. Janet I Smith - August 11, 2008

I attended Trebor from 1954-1965. My name was then Janet Irwin. Over the years, I have often wondered what happened to other Trebor campers.
Hi Bobbie! It was fun to see your name. I am still in touch with the Holtzmans, mostly via my mother who is very close friends with their mom. Laurie lives outside of Buffalo, NY; Ruthie lives in Manhattan; Debbie lives in NJ. My sister, then Sue Sacks, lives in Seattle.
I can’t stop picturing everyone as young which is silly because many of us (including me) are grandmothers now.
Will keep checking the sight to find other news.

54. David Frizzell - August 15, 2008

Hello to all. My family has been going to what I am told is the original Camp Trebor (Lovewell Pond Fryeburg) for the last 30 years. I just happened to find this thread and it is interesting reading. From what I have been able to learn the camp moved sometime in the mid 1960’s from Lovewell Pond. Does anybody have a camp map that they could copy and share? We have one of the few places that has not been torn down and rebuilt. We still have many names written in marker on the walls and ceilings. Of course you ladies would know that most of the writing was in the old bathroom which we recently had to replace! Lots of writing in what were the old stalls! Our cabins are on the big field (of which due to the recent rains is partially underwater) and the best way to describe it would be, it was the left most cottage with your back to the lake in the row. I believe it was next to a shower building? That was torn down 20 years ago. There is still one further to the left that sits near the lake but we were the first in the long row facing the field. If anybody has any pictures, camp brochures I would love to see what it was like to be a camper. We did run into a camper when Trebor was camp MollyLockett and they talked about reaching Fryeburg by train and gave us a copy of the Camp MollyLockett handbook.

55. Laurie Holtzman Myers - August 16, 2008

Wonderful! I am Laurie Holtzman Myers and I live outside Buffalo,NY. Hello, Bobbie – I have often thought about you and wondered! I grew up at Trebor (probably attended for more than a dozen summers) and there is no doubt that the experience was special. The memories of the many specifics may have faded, but the sense/spirit is still strong. It was been great finding this site (thank you, Janet).

56. Elizabeth Hart - August 17, 2008

Hello – I’m Betty Ann Silverman, now Elizabeth Hart, Mimi Katz’s cousin. I went to Trebor 1958-62 & know that many of my important life choices were informed by that experience. In 1972 I came to Willits, a small town in Northern California, to visit my lifelong friend Debbie Holtzman (Alterman) & her husband, Ben. They were living “back-to-the-land” & it stirred deep feelings in me. They left to travel & resettled on the east coast, but I’m still here. A few weeks ago they were here visiting & we talked about Trebor. I don’t have the album mentioned in some earlier posts, but I do have a copy of a Trebor Songbook. I sing in a community peace choir & know my love of singing in harmony with others was born & nurtured at Trebor. My grandaughter is in a children’s choir & they recently sang “Land of the Silver Birch” & “My Paddle Keen & Bright”. Just last week I met a man named “Trebor” !! Must be something in the air…..

57. Bobbie - August 17, 2008

Janet and Laurie, I am so excited to hear from both of you. My hope when I first responded to this site was that I might eventually connect with some of my bunkmates. I can’t believe it has happened. I now live in Northern VA…my husband is from Buffalo. I know there has been talk of having a reunion but what is the possibility of us getting together sometime. I still see Marcia who lives outside of Baltimore. Do you all have contact with anyone else?

Karen…If I were your counselor it would have been in 65…the first year Trebor was at Trout Lake. I do remember the campers you mentioned.

58. Jane Bloom - August 18, 2008

I’m Jane Bloom and was at Trebor from around 1958-63. I recognize a lot of names but can put faces with very few. Cathy Arden–I think your sister (Doren?) was in my bunk. The only people I’m still in touch with are my cousins–Jeanne Klein and Ellie Wolfson (whose mother went to Truda!)–and family friend, Betsy Rubin. Anyone know anything about Marcy Rothman?

59. Karen Wolozin Starr - August 19, 2008

Hi Bobbie…I was indeed that camper in your bunk in 1965. Before that you were a Trainee as I recall…it is amazing how consistent all of our memories of Trebor are…and how the experience stayed with us throughout our lives. Candy (Kagan) Platz and I would love to have a reunion at camp. Her sister Leslie lives in the Boston area and my sister Nancy Allen lives near me in Wellesley. Susan Miller, my sister’s daughter just finished her 8th and final summer at Fernwood. Her name was Izzi Allen. I have visited her many times and just walking into their lodge and hearing camp songs brought tears to my eyes! My daughter went to Pinecliffe and she too had a wonderful camping experience…I would love to have a copy of the songbook from camp if there is any way to post it or send it out that would be great. Lee was a music teacher for several years at the Cambridge School of Weston, but not sure where she went from there. I have a few Pinecones, photos, and some of my art work. I also have memories of performing some sort of dance routine with Joan Sapinsley (we were two of the most ungraceful campers at that point in our lives!) and to this day when I hear Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwoky I think about our bunk acting out those strange words.

60. Karen Wolozin Starr - August 19, 2008

One more thing…if you haven’t seen this…check out this great Trebor memory from a former camper….http://www.jillhunter.net/book_frames.html

61. Janet Irwin Smith - August 25, 2008

Hi again Bobbie:

I have lived in N. California for the last 40 years and don’t come East very often, so I don’t know when we could get together, but I’d love to communicate with you via email. Write to me at r17j19@yahoo.com.

I remember all the Trebor campers who have contributed to this blog and were at camp between 1954-1965; I still have very vivid memories of Trebor. Hope more people will spot this site. Thanks to the person who started it.

62. Nancy Osher Blumberg - September 5, 2008

Through a small world experience my sister, Susan Osher Epstein, who now lives in CA, found out about this blog from a former Trebor camper who serves on a board with her. I’m now living in Yarmouth, ME and have kept in touch with Carrie Scheer and Audrey Feffer through all these years. I’ll send the address of this blog to them and my sisters, Sue and Judy. We sometimes sing Trebor songs, review the Council fire words, and have gone back to visit Trout Lake. My son went to Camp Indian Acres, whose waterfront activities are on Lovewell Lake. Their boathouse is the old infirmary building!

63. Lyn - September 6, 2008

I’m an old Truda camper and when it closed went to camp at Lovewell Lake in Fryeburg–a camp called Rapputack. It’s now a condo/vacation village, but the old rec hall still stands. A wonderful photographer up there took pictures of the remaining buildings.

64. Susan Osher Epstein - September 9, 2008

My sisters and I were very excited to find this blog through a friend of mine in California! I have lived in the San Francisco area for over 30 years and have run into Sue and Jane Brindis’s brother, Kim Klausner’s parents, Nancy Lewin Potter (years ago in Santa Cruz). I have stayed in touch with Audrey Feffer and seen Carrie Scheer. Candy Kagan and Karen Wolozin were classmates at Tufts. So many familiar names on this blog–Janet Irwin, Bobbie, Laurie Holtzman, Sue Miller, Ellen Gordon, Cathy Arden! I would love to find Liz King and Pam Emmer. A Trebor reunion would be wonderful!

65. Sharon Conway - September 14, 2008

I am not sure if this is the right place to track down old Tall Timbers’ campers, but I have just uncovered all-camp photos in my dad’s attic from 1948 and 1949, and also letters from the Dibners to my dad who worked there as a counselor.
Any ideas of who would value having these letters and photos?

66. Nancy Osher Blumberg - September 23, 2008

There is a letter to the editor in today’s Portland Press Herald from a Charles W. Dibner from Portland, ME. He’s a nephew of Martin Dibner. Perhaps he’d be interested in the Tall Timbers memorabilia.

67. Joan Sapinsley - September 24, 2008

I just wandered into this blog and I am also very excited. As Karen Wolozin Starr said, I’ve been emailing her and Candy Kagan, my two “best friends” from Trebor, but I’m dying to know about Liz King from Woodmere, whose father owned a restaurant in NY called Vim and Vigor, I recall. How about Duffy Deitz? And some other great counselors besides those you all have mentioned: Margy Schiring(sp?) and Duffy Schiller? Shout out to Sue Osher! I would love to get a copy of the record,somehow, also. My years were 1961-1968, fondest memories! Those wonderful songs, words by Frank and music by Lee..I’m in NY (as is my sister Pat) and my kids and Sara Nathan’s went all through school together. The day I first saw her on the street I recognized her all those years later!

68. Karen Wolozin Starr - October 12, 2008

Hi Joan…first it was so great when we talked last year and I was so disappointed that I hurt myself and didn’t make it to NYC. I just came back from a trip to Maine to see Candy. We hiked around her property and it was like so many times when we walked outdoors at camp. Of course Candy had the best eye for the different types of mushrooms. We simply must get together. E-mail me so we can pick up again. Sue (Osher)…hi to you as well. Candy and I are working on plans for our Tufts reunion next May. Elizabeth Hart…as soon as you mentioned some of the songs we used to sing they came back to me.

69. Gail Fox (Terri Harlan) - October 18, 2008

Ok Carol – I went to Truda from 1944 to 1951 and Ma Thorner certainly did own the camp then. As a matter of fact, my father attended when Pa Thorner was alive and I have pictures of him at camp with tents and a baseball bat. When Pa died and Ma took over with her two daughters, Dolly and Dottie I went there. It was a beautiful camp and I loved it but now that I think back on the Cub/Tiger groups and the campfires and the totem pole and the singing of songs like “Dear Ma Thorner, our hearts to you, our hands to you” – makes me laugh and wonder. I went back in 1951 as a “gopher” and lived at that georgeous building we had services at (I can’t remember the name of it)..I have many memories. Please let me hear from you and maybe there are some bunkmates of mine out there. My name at the time was Gail Fox, now known as Terri Harlan and I live in Florida!

70. Grace (Deutschmann) Lerman - October 24, 2008

Hi there, all you young ones,
I’m Grace (Deutschmann) Lerman, and was at Trebor, from 1947-1954. They were extraordinary years at an extraordinary place. Perhaps Aunt Jan and Uncle Bernie were still there for some of you; Bernie was quiet, and Jan was a quiet powerhouse who read the most beautiful short tales of justice and conscience from a well worn little book at Sunday services. I deeply regret never having come back to visit and can’t quite understand how it is that I never considered it. I’ve forgotten many of the names of truly special bunk mates, et al, but the faces I can still see.
I was in the area this weekend and found the old camp in Fryeburg. There’s enough preserved so that the paths are still visible, Sr. House remains where it was and of course the sweet beach and gentle pond, now surrounded by and dressed up in Fall foliage, are treasures. Even after my extended absence, the buildings there now look strange, but the feelings were so familiar.
If anyone is so inclined, take Battleground Rd., off 302, and then take a right onto Trebor Rd. Bring a little kleenex.
Can someone tell me the address of the location to which the camp moved when it left Fryeburg?
Good to “talk” with you all.

71. Liz Mazlish - October 27, 2008

The Trebor site: Camp Susan Curtis, Allen Road, East Stoneham, Maine.

72. Paula Asinof - November 18, 2008

Thank you to whoever started this blog! It brings back such memories! I only have a few “souveniers” left but it does include the LP album, lots of the choir sheet music, and some photos. I was at Camp Trebor in the 1950’s and early 60’s and remember several of the people who have posted on this blog – Janet, Bobbie, Laurie, Ellen…! Several years ago, I re-connected with Susan Elbaum who is married and living in India – and very involved in the Buddist community there. She seemed very happy. From time to time I wonder where life has taken everyone. It was great to see names I recognized. I’m in Dallas now, and I’d love to be back in touch!

If anyone gets ambitious and does a reunion that includes people from my generation at camp – I’d love to attend! – and I’d even be willing to help.

I COULD USE YOUR HELP – I am creating a BIRTHDAY SCRAPBOOK for my SISTER, LYNN ASINOF. She turns 60 on December 10th and also a long-time Trebor-ite during the 50’s and early 60’s. She’s now living in Lexington, MA with her husband, Peter Shaw and two children in college, Jeremy at med school in Cleveland and Daniel who just started at Middlebury. She was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal for about 20 years and now freelances. If any of her friends or people who remember her are reading this and would like to send an email, pictures (old and new – I’d love to have a copy of an old cabin picture or snapshots), etc. to include, just drop them to me at pasinof@asinof.com. I’ll make sure they get included. I think some of the people posted on the blog were around her age – Ruthie, Betty Ann??? but not sure if in the same cabin. One name that I remember from her early days as a camper was Maddie Klein. Also, she was there as a counselor, I think, one year in E. Stoneham – anyone from that cabin? I know she’d appreciate it – and most likely be amazed!

If you go to my website, you can see my picture and bio in the About Us section – http://www.yellowbrickpath.com


73. Paula Asinof - November 18, 2008

Ellen Gordon (or anyone else who might know) – Do you have any idea how to contact Susan Roth… something, maybe …berg(?) You were all one cabin ahead of me and we were trainees together. I was part of the group with Peggy Dietz. Susan was an art student, headed for BU I think, and her family lived in New Rochelle (again I think). Thanks so much for any ideas.


74. Paula Asinof - November 18, 2008

See #73: Got the name… Susan Rothkopf!

75. Carla Schine - November 20, 2008

Hello Fellow Trebor Campers, I am Carla Schine and I went to Trebor for only one year, before it closed, and then I went off to Camp Vega with Michelle Minsky. The year was probably 71, was that the last year of Trebor? I was born in 59 so my bunk mates would have been born in the same. I am looking to find Michelle for a Vega alumni reunion in Aug. 2009 up at camp Vega, if anyone knows where she is please contact me at deners@optonline.net.
I REALLY learned to canoe at Trebor, with that obstacle course set up in the lake. The singing there was wonderful and I have such odd snippets of memories of songs that I never sang at any other camp. I also remember the peeper frogs on the path to the dining hall. With only one year under my belt at Trebor my memories arent as clear as everyone elses, but I did love my summer there and would have gone back had it not closed!

76. Liz Topaz - November 22, 2008

Hi Liz Maizlish! Of course I remember you! I am living in Sharon, MA and am an at home mom these days.

Someone mentioned the lemons with peppermint sticks – those were the highlight of the summer carnival! I have seen peppermint sticks in catalogues and have been tempted to order them….

I looked up this site today because I came across a Trebor cabin picture from about 1966 – we must have been the youngest group. It has me, Laura Olin, Judy Brier, Kathy Kleinment, Margie Berg, Maggie Schloss, Amy Cohen, and a girl I identified as Sally. With counselors Libby herring and Ginny. 🙂 Thanks to everyone posting on this log for bringing back such fond memories.

77. makingyourdashcount - November 23, 2008

Because this particular post has overwhelmed my blog, I am moving the camp section.

Making Your Dash Count refers to the dash that we are all known for after we have died. My mother, Charlotte Levy, gave a commencement address several years ago and talked about the dash as a metaphor for making a difference in this world.

I feel so good that this post has brought so many people together and that through it I have made my dash count that much more.

Because this has taken on a life of its own, it now has its own home:


Have fun reconnecting there.


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