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Sally Kern’s comments- a worse threat to the U.S. than “terrorists or Islam” March 15, 2008

Posted by makingyourdashcount in bigotry, politics, sally Kern.

I am glad that Representative Sally Kern’s (R- OK) hate filled remarks about homosexuals to a republican constituent group became public, because it outs the hatred and intolerance that so many hide behind closed doors. This us versus the anonymous them mentality underlying her comments is the fuel of ignorant blind hate.

We live in a country that is more racially, religiously and otherwise diverse than anytime in our history. I would venture to say that the bigotry shown in her comments and the xenophobia that underlies them is the real threat.

It is the fuel that killed an innocent 14 year old Lawrence King last month; it is the fuel that keeps people who are different in some way from their peers (whatever their differences) to stay quiet about who they are. It is the fuel of fear.

I just do not get how people are insecure enough to hate each other because he or she is Jewish, gay, Hispanic or Muslim or brown haired or blue eyed or living with something else they just don’t understand. What I find so frightening is that Kern won her seat representing Oklahoma City in the OK legislature with 70% of the vote. What I find refreshing are Oklahoma newspapers calling for her removal from office. Yes, do it. 

Life is too busy for conspiracies. It is 2008. It’s time to live and let live. We are ALL different. It’s time to embrace our differences.


1. Nereus - March 15, 2008

It really makes you wonder what else is being purported behind some of the larger doors…

2. Steve Rider - March 15, 2008

As a gay man, I felt the love just flowing over me when I listened to Sally. So much hatred, intolerance, ignorance, and bigotry; it was like a vacation trip to The Vatican, or any American super duper church.

Sally, Sally, Sally, so sorry you are a girl. If you were a guy, well, never mind.


3. makingyourdashcount - March 15, 2008

Steve, I am a straight woman and felt the love, also. Hatred and bigotry are that… hatred and bigotry. It’s got to stop.

4. Jason - March 16, 2008

It is hard to believe that so many people are still out there that have those points of view. That is why it is important that in Ohio, we support the Ohio Gay Rights Bill. I’ve blogged about it on my site.

5. Züle - April 30, 2008

Fear, prejudice, intolerance, and the whole gamut of human responses are hard-wired into the brain. We have these responses because there were evolutionary advantages being acutely aware of “us versus them”. We are the descendents of those smart enough to survive long enough to produce offspring, whose hard-wired wariness was thus reinforced and passed down… to you! Of course, who would not wish for a world of peace and flowers. But that is all we will ever have, wishes. The real world says no. Pick any year from now till eternity, and we will still be having these same discussions.

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