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Assisted Living August 14, 2008

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I should feel relaxed to day. Yesterday’s move
to assisted living went as smoothly as possible. Dad is now in the cre`me
de la cre`me of AL facilities, which is immaculate. Everyone we meet there
is friendly, gentle and kind. His room, which is indeed a room and not an
apartment, seems “just right” for his needs. No longer will I get late night
calls telling me of concerning behavior. They offer activities and outings
that are appropriate for him. So why am I still a bundle of raw nerves?
Dennis is one of the house pets at dad's AL facility.

(Dennis, one of the house pets)

Perhaps it is the newness of the place and routine. Perhaps it is because I am making decisions for someone else and I want them to be the right ones. (I will comment on this more fully later this week.)
I think it is more that this is “dad.” His needs are beyond his own capabilities. I never really thought of him as someone unable to care for himself or to make decisions that keep him safe. I hoped when he moved to Columbus that he could enjoy all that my wonderful city offers, but he has not.
It’s been beyond his abilities and I find this very disconcerting. I’m sure that my nerves will relax, as he settles into his new home, and as I see that yes, indeed, I made the right decision for him. Until then, I will consciously take time out to breathe.


1. Reg Fife - August 15, 2008

Glad to see everything went smoothly. Hope your Dad keeps doing well!

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