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thoughts on four years September 13, 2008

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In some ways this has been the longest four years of our lives. It has been too long since we have heard Sarah laugh; it has been too long since we have heard sisters bicker. When I think of those things I feel as I am living in a different lifetime. Other things feel like yesterday. When I think of Sarah, especially today on the 4th anniversary of her death , I think of her life and resiliency, not of her death or the way she died.

This is resonating today, as news programs are still talking about the 9/11 observances at the Pentagon, New York and Shanksville, just two days ago. It has been seven years since the tragedy of 9/11. The news the past two days has been filled with family members remembering and mourning their loved ones. What a difficult thing to ask of a family: reliving their love ones’ deaths and the way they died annually and publicly.

I can not imagine our family and friends expecting us to spend September 13th every year at Children’s Hospital. Out friends are sensitive enough to not expect us to relive our tragedy. In this coming year, I hope that the American public will allow the families of those lost in 9/11 remember their lives and not make them continue to relive their deaths.


1. Emma - September 13, 2008

Oh Betsey – I selfishly wish that I had no concept of what this feels like. I am so sorry that Sarah left your family far too soon, I’m glad to hear that you’re thinking of her life right now and not her passing. I hope I can be as resilient – I still think sometimes that it’s all been one big mistake and everything will go make to “normal” very soon. Take care. xxx

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