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Whatever. December 10, 2008

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You do not have to understand why I am not gleeful this time of year. You do not have know each and every reason. It is not your job to change my attitude, my thoughts, my concerns. It is not my job to celebrate because your calendar says I should.

Yes, we live in an assimilated America. No, that does not mean that I have to celebrate your holiday with you, if I do not wish to. I don’t even have to celebrate “my” holdiays! If I choose to, that is my choice. If I choose not to, do not call me a scrooge. Do not tell me that I am in a bad mood.

Please respect the fact that I have my reasons, and my life manual does not say that I have to share them with you.

That said, have a happy new year and safe holiday season.


1. Beth - December 10, 2008


2. Gorda - December 11, 2008

once Bountiful Harvest and Black Friday arrives
it is time for Christian intolerance to again rise
he dresses up like Santa Clause this time of year
so his demand for dollars will bring you good cheer
theirs is the only religion and no others are true
so join them in celebration be you Muslim or Jew

celebrate the birth of Jesus by spending you cash
if you don’t, you are just being a scrooge
buy stuff people don’t need with money you don’t have
or are you just in a bad mood?

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