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People making their dash count

People Making their Dash Count
good news about good people doing good things
Escape Rescue– This system is essentially a roof-mounted crane and five-car external elevator that could move 150 firefighters to the top of a high-rise in eight minutes. The Escape Rescue System is a building-wide solution for safe, external evacuation of building tenants and quick transporting of rescue personnel to elevated floors.Inspired by the evacuations of the World Trade Centers in 2001, this 10 person Israeli company has developed an innovative tall building excape product that could be installed on flat roof skyscrapers.It's permanently stored on the roof in a folded position.When activated, each assembly, called an array, is rapidly lowered to the ground from each side of a structure. Each array then unfolds, enabling emergency responders to board the enclosed, aluminized cabins. The five-cabin array then travels upward until it stops opposite five elevated floors (simultaneously), enabling firefighters to exit and occupants to enter through specially configured exit windows (at up to 150 people from five floors into each five-car array).


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