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It’s Elemental: Hydrogen- A Mom’s Review of the Periodic Table September 13, 2017

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September 13th is our personal 9/11,. On this date in 2004 our lives flipped on a precarious edge that left an unsteadiness that only others who have experienced it can understand. I consider the fact that we have not only survived but look forward to each tomorrow a supreme accomplishment.

So now, you too, can look forward to each tomorrow .

It is my goal to take a month and honor our daughter Sarah’s love of all elements periodic.

By the end of a month, perhaps you will be able to answer Sarah’s favorite question, “WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE ELEMENT?”
I think she would love and support this endeavor.

All facts are from Los Alamos National Lab. You paid for them- might as well get your money’s worth of knowledge.

Let’s start with the cold facts of HYDROGEN with its Atomic Number of 1!

As the most abundant of all elements in the universe it makes up more than 90% of all the atoms — THAT is a lot of mass! We don’t find it in our atmosphere because it is so light. (It generally measures as less than 1 ppm. That isn’t much!) It stays solid up to 20 degrees over absolute zero. Now THAT is one cold fact.

Hydrogen is important to the Krause family because solid hydrogen was the subject of John’s dissertation and launched him into the lifelong study of cryogenics and superconductivity. If it weren’t for hydrogen, John never would have come to Columbus to work for Battelle and we never would have met.

Yea Hydrogen!!!!!!

The Women’s March on Washington January 17, 2017

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Marching this weekend? Consider taking a few minutes to think about why YOU march. If nothing else, it will make it easier to determine what goes on your poster. 😀 dedicated to my mother and her father,  who lived these sentiments. (This is my mom- third from the left- with her friends in Hampton, VA. This was taken in the mid 1940s)

Mom and her Hampton Friends
I will not pretend to know
Your struggle, but
I will stand by you.

I will not pretend to know
What’s best for you, but
I will stand by you.

I will not be so presumptuous to
Because it is not my own.
I only know my own.

I will stand up for you,
When hate is spewed and
When legislation is skewed,
Because others refuse to understand
The essence of who you are and who were born to be.
When they try to marginalize or erase the importance of your being
I will stand with you and I will march.

Because you matter, and because
I hope
You will march for me.