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Sorting Pieces December 31, 2012

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Once separated from the pack, the edge pieces were not hard to assemble.  I enjoyed the color, patterns and of course the cats!

But I conceptually struggled with the inside pieces.  Faces? Colors? Number of eyes? Hats? Glasses?  I started with the eyes..  one vs two eyes. But what of color, what about glasses? Add to that mix a real life cat who is naturally drawn to sitting on puzzles, it was a mess in the making.  I first sorted by the number of eyes.  Two eyes on a piece to the left.. one eye on the right.  No eyes back to the box.

800 or so eyes stared at me from the table.  Some facing right some left.  Some with glasses.  Do I sort these out again? Running out of room and patience with the real cat who claimed the puzzle table and pieces, as her own, I realized that there had to be a better way.

Then I remembered Microsoft Access.  I am sure that the developers were inspired by the same issue: Sorting Ridiculous Puzzles.sorting eyes

My newest challenge December 30, 2012

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The most advanced puzzle strategy that I’ve ever developed included separating edge pieces and then sorting by color. I have never been one for “impossible” jigsaws: the white ones, the two sided ones or the puzzle of an amassed million blue tulips. I’ve always enjoyed the doable challenges- 500 piece maps of New Jersey, 1000 piece puzzles with discernible scenes. So when my daughter gave me a the 1000 piece puzzle pictured below, I gulped my thank you. There are about 400 cats. That is fewer than three pieces per cat. A challenge, indeed, that started with the initial sort.


“Jive Cats” by Kathy Weller