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Databasing Excitement January 4, 2013

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This is an exciting update. As predicted, I did find my key code for my Access software. I had it in a document file with my backed up Office Professional software. Yea, for me! So I reinstalled Office and voilà, Access.

I’ve been building the database and loading it with data. So far, I’ve put in about 60 pieces. It isn’t scientific and I know that I am missing out on a lot of information, particularly when two cats share one piece. Since I have one field for fur color, for example, if there are two cats I only note the dominant one. (I probably would be better off listing the other, if you think about it, but a choice is a choice.) The same goes for accessories, clothing, eyes, etc.

Aside from their thinking that I am certifiably crazy, someone from work asked me how I could be making progress on a puzzle, if I am not yet even trying to put pieces together? I actually think that I am making tremendous progress. Once I complete this stage of the project, I will time how long it takes me to actually complete it. If you wish to act as a control group and assemble it in the traditional way, let me know!

My next update will include screen shots of my database, queries and reports. Meow