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Weekend Setbacks and Advancements January 7, 2013

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After scanning two more bags of 60 pieces, it occurred to me that the scans are mirror images of the actual placement on the platen. This means that I MAY have numbered 120 pieces backwards. (The piece on the top left corner of the platen was 1, but the piece on the top left corner of the scan was 6.) Catastrophe? Probably not. It just means that I will have to either renumber them at some point, or use the actual pieces when solving the puzzle. CRIMINAL!

To date, I have input about 175 pieces. Anna was right; it takes forever. It is a tedious task for someone who gave up accounting because the details pained me. I learned early in my career that I hate tying balances and loose decimal points and here I am trying to categorize puzzle pieces, for fun.

And I am not a good planner. Although I confidently input pink choices as light, bright and rose, some pieces required magenta or coral; this could make for some mismatching when it comes time to actually place pieces. And all of those hats are not green. Some are olive and some are forest green. I only gave green, as a choice.

But there were advancements, as well.

I officially placed two pieces into the puzzle. So for the naysayers, I have touched the puzzle!

I also began inputting the puzzle’s details. My next post will detail the number of cat hats and glasses. 🙂

Wow.. the setbacks outweighed the advancements, but I haven’t given up yet, so life is good. Meow

New Year’s Resolutions. January 1, 2013

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The new year forces things, which is silly because for all intensive purposes all January 1st really means is the gamble to buy the cat calendar now at full price or in two weeks when it may be 50% off. We can make resolutions at any time, if we even make them at all. There really is very little difference between January 1st or July 1st. But convention says now, so here goes.

If you’ve read any other posts from this blog you will know that my posts are impassioned.  I tend to write when I’m angry or intensely sad. So this thread is a new year’s challenge for me- to chronicle a project for which there really should be little emotion aside from frustration.  Albeit this project will not change the world, I’m searching for joy in doing something extremely frivolous because I’m not good at frivolity.

Also I am not the most organized person in the world, so the basis of this project- sorting, categorizing and then searching methodically for individual pieces is a new undertaking, as well.

So my resolution?

  1. Finish this puzzle methodically.
  2. Blog about the process, even if no one cares to read it.
  3. Hopefully find joy in something and to be a bit less serious.

Maybe this process will also help me be a “bit” more organized.  We’ll see.

Case in point for my lack of organization.  Readers may have noticed that I haven’t yet categorized any pieces.  I just keep talking about doing it.  Well, although I have my copy of Microsoft Access (as part of Office Professional,) I can’t find my authorization key, so I can’t yet load it on this computer.  I know I have it.  I know I will find it.  I will.  🙂  In the meantime, here is the gridded puzzle.  I intend on starting from the outside and work in to minimize damage by the real cat, who will want to sit on the puzzle whenever I’m working on it.


For reference, here is the cat sitting on a different puzzle.  Neither delicate or stealth, she can dismantle a puzzle with strategic swishes of her immense tail. My plan is to not let that happen.